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Elevate Trash Experience: Zokop Smart Trash Can makes throwing trash away simple, clean and hassle-free
Touch-free Technology: with a smart motion-sensing system, the lid opens automatically at the wave of your hand and closes automatically after several seconds, which means less mess and minimal odor
Simplistic Modern Design: blend in perfect with any home decor, no matter in the kitchen, bathroom, workspace, or any other room where a trash can is necessary
35L Large Capacity: larger capacity in a very slim size, easily fit in the corner
A Clean, New Look of Trash Can: durable, smudge-resistant construction keeps waste neatly enclosed, while removable ring liner ensures the bag stays in place



✅ Smart motion-sensing system, simply wave your hand to open the lid
✅ Touch-free trash experience, less mess and odor
✅ Simplistic modern design blends in perfect with any decor
✅ 35L large capacity, yet in a very slim size
✅ Durable, smudge-resistant construction
✅ Removable ring liner ensures the bag stays in place



1. Model: SD35
2. Capacity: 35L
3. Battery Requirements: 4*AA (Not Included)
4. IR Sensor Height: Approx. 15-23cm
5. Dimensions: (11.3 x 11.3 x 24.7)" / (28.7 x 28.7 x 62.8)cm (L x W x H)


Package Includes:

1 x Automatic Trash Can

Zokop 35L Smart Motion Sensor Automatic Trash Can Waste Bin Silver

SKU: 53060632
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