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  • ALL-NATURAL. When you want to add some zest to your dishes without the artificial ingredients, reach for Wide Open Foods Spices. These all-natural products contain nothing artificial, and are free of gluten, MSG, dairy, soy and carbs to boot.
  • DELICIOUS TASTE. Are you tired of the same boring food? Liven it up with Wide Open Foods Spices. Packed with a flavorful blend of spices, use the Cajun Boil for a hot and spicy taste or the Creole Blackening Seasoning for just the right amount of kick.
  • GREAT ON ANYTHING. Rub or sprinkle these spices on fish, seafood, chicken, steak, pork and any other food which you think is worthy. The Blackening Seasoning is also a great substitute for salt – try it on potato chips, popcorn and pork rinds.
  • HOT AND SPICY. Made with salt, spices, garlic and spice extractives including oleoresin paprika, Cajun Seafood Boil is one fiery, yet addictive blend of spices. If you’re looking for an authentic, hot and spicy blend, look no further.
  • SOME ADDED KICK. Use Creole Blackening Seasoning to blacken fish, steak, seafood, chicken and more. Made with paprika, salt, granulated garlic, granulated onion, sugar, spices, it adds just the right amount of kick to any dish.
  • Pack of 3 bottles

Wide Open Foods Spices - Cajun Seafood Boil Seasoning - Pack of 3

SKU: 858771005089
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