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  • ALL-NATURAL. Looking to add some zesty flavor to your dishes without the artificial ingredients? Reach for Wide Open Foods Anything Sauce – all-natural products that are free of gluten, MSG and dairy, and contain nothing artificial.
  • DELICIOUS TASTE. If you’re tired of the same boring food, liven it up with Wide Open Foods. Made with non-GMO expeller pressed canola oil and packed with a flavorful blend of spices and natural ingredients, these Anything Sauces will whet your appetite.
  • GREAT ON ANYTHING. Turn any recipe into mouth-watering cuisine with Wide Open Foods Anything Sauce. It can be used on your meat, poultry, fish, seafood and vegetables – there’s a flavor to suit everyone’s palate.
  • VERSATILE USE. Wide Open Foods Anything Sauces are great for grilling, marinating, dipping, mixing, sautéing, drizzling, glazing, smoking, baking or anything else you can think of. You won’t be disappointed!
  • EIGHT GREAT FLAVORS. No matter what flavor you like or what dish you’re cooking, Wide Open Foods has a sauce to meet your needs. Choose from Chipotle, Darn Good, Sweet Kick, Creole, Wasabi and White BBQ, Almost Way Hot, Not Way Hot, then prepare for the food to melt in your mouth.
  • Pack of two 16 ounce bottles

Anything Sauce - All Natural Flavorful Cookin 16 Fl Oz Bottles Pack of 2

  • Wasabi all natural anything sauce is definitely “wasssup”! It’s a perfect marinade for fish and seafood. It is very mild and will not blow your head off, we promise! Add it to your tuna fish instead of mayonnaise, or as a condiment on a fish sandwich. Wasabi anything sauce is excellent for sautéing vegetables, or mushrooms, and as a surprisingly delicious salad dressing or dipping sauce. We use on the outside of grilled cheese as a butter substitute!"
    Chipotle all natural anything sauce is a taste of southwestern goodness in a bottle! A perfect blend of smoky jalapeño spiciness that will turn any meal into a fiesta of flavor! Spice up your tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, burritos, Mexican casseroles, or our favorite, quesadillas! Marinate, dip it, mix it, grill it in a skillet! Watch out, that heat will sneak up on ya! Versatile, delicious and healthy!
    Creole all natural anything sauce is all you need to turn any recipe into an authentic Louisiana concoction! This fiery, yet addictive flavor comes from our family’s own secret blend of ragin’ cajun spices. Awesome as a marinade before grilling seafood or chicken; add to a casserole or a crockpot or any cajun recipe such as gumbo, jambalaya, or etoufee’. Dip fries & onion rings, pizza, anything!
    Sweet Kick all natural anything sauce has the flavor of a Carolina mustard BBQ transformed into honey mustard with a “kick’! Makes a perfect marinade for baked chicken, pork or glaze for ham. Add a dollop or two to coleslaw, potato salad, or deviled eggs. Use as a dip for chicken tenders or fried green tomatoes. If you like a little sweet and a little heat, then sweet kick is perfect for you.
    White BBQ anything sauce is based off the trending dipping sauce that originated in Alabama. But, we’ve taken this unique yumminess from a dip and turned it into an anything for everything sauce! It is a perfect substitute for mayonnaise in any recipe. Although delicious by itself, it’s the “go to sauce” if you would like to create your own unique flavors, like add garlic & parmesan for an amazing dressing!
    Darn Good all natural anything sauce is in a class by itself! This is a tomato based sauce with lots of zesty seasons. It’s not particularly a BBQ sauce, or a ketchup, or a steak sauce, but it can be used like any of the above and more! It’s so darn good we just didn’t know what to call it! So, we call it darn good anything sauce…genius, we know! When you try it, you will see that no other name would do! Welcome to the 21st century, ketchup...2.0! Think if a-1 & sweet baby ray's had a child...but it's more healthy than the parents!
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