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  • ✅ SPICED COCONUT VINEGAR - Sawsawan Ng Bayan Filipino Seasoning Sauce
  • ✅ ALL NATURAL - NO preservatives. Ingredients: Fermented coco nectar, chili, garlic, onion, ginger, sweet peppers, salt.
  • ✅ BALANCED FLAVOR TO PUT ON EVERYTHING - Great for BBQ, Dipping Sauce for Pork Rinds, Meats, Fish, Vegetable Seasoning, Danggit
  • ✅ CREATE A SPREAD OR SALAD DRESSING - add oil to make dressing or make sandwich spread like mayonnaise or aioli add to Greek yogurt for a creamy spread
  • ✅ 2 BOTTLES OF THIS FILIPINO FAVORITE - sinamak sawsawan add to avocado toast or anything for added flavor - Tuyô dried fish with tomato and onions
  • Complex flavor mixed with vinegar and heat sauce great on everything! If you like North Carolina Barbecue you'll love Suka Pinakurat. Try it with Chicken Adobo for added flair. Add to beans. Natural coconut vinegar, spiced to give it an added kick. Used as a seasoning or condiment throughout Asia. Try it with Lechon, BBQ, Boiled Grilled Roasted meat, fish and seafood. Suka Pinakurat is a variety of vinegar which is actually a fermented coconut sap originating from Iligan City Philippines. Fondly called as a derivation of "sukang tuba", the vinegar is not really sour but more of spicy and chilli. Pinakurat is a traditional Iliganon dish made from wild boar meat “sulop” cooked only by a flame-shut pot of boiling coco vinegar, chilies, and spices. The vinegar is named after this dish because it tastes similar to it. "Kurat" also means "magulat" or to be shocked or surprised. So this is the original variety of Suka Pinakurat, spicy with a sting at the end but not too sour. Wonderful Asian Seasoning. Unlike most spicy vinegars from the Philippines, Pinakurat managed to get the sourness, spices and hotness balanced just right. It actually tastes of some other spices other than the ubiquitous chillies. A gradual heat and best choice dip for crispy fried anything including danggit, tocino, and tapa.

Suka Pinakurat the Original Flavor Spiced Natural Coconut Vinegar (2 Bottles)

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Suka Pinakurat
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