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Varying levels of light brightness allow for the perfect headlamp for camping, car repairs, or spelunking! This waterproof headlight comes with a charging cord.


Model of LED: T6
* Waterproofing design
* Aluminum alloy casing
* Aluminum alloy reflector
* 3 switch Mode: Bright Light/Dim Light/Flashing Mode
* Model of Battery required: 2x18650 Battery
* Colour: Black with Blue Band
* Head Light Weight:175g
* Adjustable Focus, Zoomable LED Headlamp
* Switch: head press switch
Main Features:
- Intelligent circuit control, Telescopic Zoom,4 modes (strong, low, strobe, SOS)
- The headband can stretch adjust according to the size of your head. Conveniently put on or take off.
- The head can adjust the illumination angle to 90 degrees.
- The red indicator light on the battery holder plays a good warning role in night walking or cycling!
- Suitable for sports lovers to do some such as hunting, cycling, Bicycle riding, To climb, Hike, Working, Fishing, Camping, etc

Outdoor Waterproof Headlight

SKU: f7c0dbde
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