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Haribo roulette gummies put a fun spin on snack time! These tempting confections come in convenient tube shaped packages that fit almost anywhere. Every piece forms a chewy disc with round edges and a solid middle. Bite down and experience the soft, smooth texture that makes Haribo gummies so delectable. If that's not enough gummy goodness for you, you'll also love the different flavors and colors that are included in every pack!

These Haribo roulette candies are the perfect blend of exciting style and practical design for young and old alike. Adults will appreciate how compact and convenient they are while children will love the sugary taste that is packed into every piece. Now you can get all the roulette gummies you want with our bulk candy package! Keep your snack cabinet or pantry well stocked or use them for special events like birthday parties, holiday gatherings, picnics and school activities!

Haribo Mega-Roulette Gummi Candy 24ct CASE (1.5oz Rolls)

SKU: 042238372894
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