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  • Gerrit 2 oz Broadway strawberry licorice rolls are thin gummy sweets in a delicious strawberry flavor.
  • Each package has 4 rolls that are over a foot long. That’s 4 feet of delicious licorice candy.
  • Individually Wrapped Sweet and Chewy Licorice Rolls
  • Are you young enough to remember the Delfa Rolls, also called Danish Ribbons? They used to be sold by a few convenience stores in the 1960s. They were pretty hard to find because they were imported from overseas. It was a lot of fun eating Delfa Rolls because you could peel off the strips and chew on them, or just pop the entire roll in your mouth and suck on it until it was gone.

Gerrit's Broadway Licorice Rolls Strawberry 24 Count

SKU: 086232861015
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