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  • CARAMEL AND COCONUT - Atkinson’s Long Boys Coconut candies are made up of creamy caramels and real coconut flakes.
  • SWEET AND SALTY - The creamy caramels provide the sweet flavor that candy lovers enjoy. The candy also contains a hint of a salty taste with its coconut bits.
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED CANDIES - The candy rolls are about three inches long, and are individually wrapped in a yellow waxed paper with red and white accents.
  • 12-OUNCE TUB - The Long Boys Coconut candies come in a 12-ounce tub. One tub contains 130 pieces.
  • GREAT HOLIDAY CANDIES - Long Boys Coconut is a candy for all occasions. It makes a great candy treat for holiday parties and other events.

Atkinson Candy Long Boys Coconut Tub - Creamy Caramels and Real Coconut Flakes

SKU: 041168007203
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